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2022 Raffle Drawing Results

2022 Raffle Drawing Winners
These tickets were drawn at 7:30pm on 9/3/22 at the Nut Bowl. Thanks to all of our supporters in 2022. Checks to be mailed once address of winners are confirmed.

Our Lucky Winners

Thank you to all of our Aquanut Fans and community members. Your participation in our annual raffle has made it possible for the Aquanut Water Shows to provide FREE family fun and entertainment for 50 years, as well as host meaningful (and fast growing) adaptive ski programs for the past two decades.

Prize Winners – 2022

First Prize – $2500

-Ticket #0514 –Christy B

Second Prize – $1000

-Ticket #0007 – Ann Mare P. 

Third – Fourth Prize – $500

-Ticket #1372 – Sandy B
-Ticket #0586 – Mike K.

Fifth to Eighth Prize – $200

-Ticket #0004 – Beth C,  

-Ticket #1652 David S.

-Ticket #1274  Donna V.

-Ticket #1347 Tony L

Ninth to Twentieth Prize – $100

-Ticket #1598,  Sofia G. 
-Ticket #0843 -Holly G
-Ticket #0973  Ann M
-Ticket #0858 – Sheila S
-Ticket #0202 Ben B
-Ticket 0263 – Lynn R. 
-Ticket #0869 Sam L 
-Ticket #0562  Meg J.
-Ticket # 1128 Rita M
-Ticket #1252 Michelle L
-Ticket #0812 – Bruce P
-Ticket #1571 Joe P


Final Show of the 2022 Season
Saturday, September 3rd – 6pm.

After the drawing all winners will receive a call by 9/7/22. Checks will be sent within 7 days of verification of mailing address.

*If you have not been contacted, please email

Join Us This Spring As We Kickoff

our 50th

First show on Memorial Day, Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 6pm. FREE Admission & Parking

Shows every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:00 pm, starting Memorial Day through Labor Day

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