The Aquanuts give back!

Every summer the Aquanuts share their love for the water on the shores of Lake Mary not just with audience members, but also with many individuals of varying abilities during the clinics offered to the region with the Aquanut Adaptive Aquatics program.

The Aquanut water ski show team began hosting several adaptive ski programs each summer over 20 years ago. Since then, the Aquanaut Adaptive program has expanded to host over 150 participants each summer over 8 clinic days. 

During Adaptive Program days, the Aquanuts provide all of the necessary equipment and staff to provide a safe, fun-filled experience. The team builds, owns and lends customized equipment rigged for participants different abilities to provide them a safe, comfortable and exhilarating time out on the water.  Aquanut trained and certified boat drivers treat the participants to trips around Lake Mary with our volunteer staff surrounding them to on personal watercraft ready to assist. Additional members of the team are stationed at our pier to assist the participants at the start and end of their ski run.

It’s all about sharing the joy of the water…

While we love to teach people to ski, we are all about sharing the joy of the water, so tubing, kayaking, and paddle boarding may also be offered on certain days. Many groups participate in our clinics including Dreams for Kids, Wisconsin Independent Life College, Great Lakes Adaptive Sports, Adaptive Adventures, One Step at a Time Camp, as well as Wounded Warrior and Veteran Groups.

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