Donate to the Aquanuts!

We want to thank our sponsors for all their generosity and every guest that helps keep the boats full of fuel, the costumes bright, and the boats afloat.

If you have been to a show and missed our donation Bucket or just want to support a great community program, you can make a donation on the link above.

The Aquanuts are a non-for profit 501c3 organization and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lance Park, Twin Lakes WI


Welcome to the 2019 Aquanut shows, FREE family entertainment every Wednesday and Saturday thru Labor Day. See Calendar for show times and other events.


Upcoming Shows

Location:  Lance Park; 55 Lance Drive; Twin Lakes, WI
07.17. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday
07.20. 2019. NO SHOW
07.24. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday, Junior Show
07.27. 2019. 6pm, Saturday, MACC-LAM Benefit Show
07.31. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday
08.03. 2019. 6:00 pm, Saturday
08.07. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday
08.10. 2019. NO SHOW
08.07. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday
08.14. 2019. Wednesday, Jr/ Sr Combined Show
08.16 & 08.17. 2019. Fri/Sat, Cornfest – all day ski events
08.21. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday
08.24. 2019. 6:00 pm, Saturday
08.28. 2019. 6:00 pm, Wednesday
08.31. 2019. 6:00 pm, Saturday, (Last Show/ Raffle Draw)
Special Events


July 20th – State Competition – WI Rapids, WI

August 10th – National Competition – Warsaw, IN


Free Training

Location:  Lance Park (Twin Lakes), WI

06.17. 2019. 9:00 am, Monday -Adaptive Volunteer Training
07.08. 2019. 9:00 am, Monday -Adaptive – GLASA
07.09. 2019. 9:00 am, Tuesday -Adaptive Veteran’s Special Event
07.15. 2019. 9:00 am, Monday -Adaptive – GLASA
07.25. 2019. 9:00 am, Thursday -Dream for Kids
07.26. 2019. 2:00 pm, Friday -Learn to Ski
07.29. 2019. 9:00 am, Monday -Adaptive Autism Clinic

More About Us

Who We Are

The Aquanuts are five-time reigning National Show Ski Association Show Ski Team of the Year, famous for their daring stunts, renowned for their Champion Ballet Line and breathtaking four level pyramids.

FREE shows every Wednesday and Saturday thru Labor Day.

Proud Sponsors

The Aquanuts appreciate the generous support of our past sponsors, Twin Lakes Marine and Gage Marine.

Please let them help you with your boating needs.

Community Programs

The Aquanuts are committed to giving back to the local community.  They are proud to host Learn to Ski (July 26) and provide many volunteer Adaptive Aquatic Clinics during the upcoming summer months.

Community members are welcome at both events.